So you need a new website or are looking to replace an old website? Where do you start? Most searches start on Google and immediately you find people paying to get their advert first using Google Adwords. Inevitably you come across the web designer prices comparison websites. That’s because they have the biggest budgets to spend on advertising.Web designer price comparison websites

More and more businesses are promoting the fact that they have done the hard work for you and found the best companies to work with. However this might just be that they have found companies that will buy leads from them. They may profess to partnering with leading brands but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s best for you. Do they have Awards for this and Awards for that. They may be Voted Top 100 best this and that but what do you need as a business?

It’s not the awards I don’t like it’s the company that is then offered to you. I am only commenting as I’ve had 20 years experience in the web design industry. When I first started out there were some businesses offering advertising with big Yellow books, now they offer website solutions. Yes I appreciate a business can evolve but when they include advertising in packages and build poorly designed websites it’s not always best for a client.

What Web Designer Should I Use?

Like most things in life you will have good and bad experiences with businesses. When it comes to websites it’s always best to use someone that helps you understand what you want to achieve with a website rather than using all the services they offer. A good example is the advertising agency that includes a website as well. It’s poorly built and more often than not won’t provide the best return on investment.

A recent client I built a website for was a roofer who was spending £300 per month on a website that had no meta set up, wasn’t content rich and had poor quality images on. Not surprisingly it didn’t rank very well and got no new leads. Within a month of a new website that cost £500 and then £100 per month of SEO, website hosting and a shiny SSL certificate the leads started to flow in.

Another example of a business that a Web Designer Price Comparison Website was promoting had a USA telephone number when you landed on their home page. I don’t really need to say any more when I try to promote working with local businesses.

Web designer prices comparison websites

So what am I going on about? Well I guess my point is a web designer price comparison website will basically offer you businesses that buy leads from them not for being suitable for your business. You are asking professionals to develop a website for you. You may find when working with these huge marketing animals that you’ll get sold a load of services you don’t need. They employ sales people to sell you as much as possible.

These business that providing leading web designer prices companies are saying “Work with a huge advertising business in the UK” but then saying “Work with someone from USA”. When it comes to websites they aren’t as skilled as local web designers to provide a bespoke service for you.

Work with local businesses in your country. Don’t use huge businesses where you are just another number to hit a target. I’d love to hear from you if you are looking for a web designer. Contact me to find out how I can maximise the ROI on your website spend.