Digital Marketing Google Adwords Wellington Somerset

Google Adwords marketing has a huge role to play for small businesses. Most of Google’s revenue comes from their Google AdWords platform so it shows how seriously businesses use it. Frighteningly though a lot of this revenue is generated in worthless clicks due to poor set up of adwords campaigns.

Don’t panic though. This is where can help as you could be generating quality leads from a really worthwhile advertising platform. Therefore we set up campaigns targeting exactly the customers you want to reach.

Through intelligent use of Google AdWords, your small business could reach exactly the customers you want to reach. And that’s without wasting money advertising to those who are unlikely to end up using your service.

Many of our clients end up spending between £50 to £100 a month which is great value for targeted advertising that can achieve great results month in month out! After all, there’s a reason why this kind of advertising provides the vast majority of revenue for the biggest company in the world.

A few top tips to get the most out of Google AdWords on a small budget:

• Use a specialist like us to develop targeted adverts specific to where your customers are. Example: “Website marketing Wellington Somerset” . You can set filters for search location so when someone targets that phrase and location they will find your ad. In addition anyone searching from an area where you don’t service won’t see it.

• Add targeted keywords that will display your ad to show when people search those keywords. In our example “web marketing wellington somerset”, “website marketing wellington”, “adwords wellington somerset”. You can also prevent your advert from showing by selecting negative keywords so you avoid showing your ad to people looking for services you don’t offer.

• Turn off “broad match”. This feature of Google AdWords means your advert will show when people search for words related to your keywords, without matching the keywords exactly. Avoiding this lets you have more control over who sees your ad.

There are plenty more things you need to do to ensure you get the best value for money adverting. The best place to start is with us as we are local to you in Wellington Somerset. For advice or to get started with Google AdWords for your own small business, contact us at Boost It Media today!