Website Search Improvements

There are occasions I get contacted by clients to tell me they have received an email telling me their website needs improving. Always one to listen to my clients I generally end up groaning inside when they tell me they know this as they have received an email from a random person telling them:

“Your website is nice but SEO can be improved massively”

“If you want to get ahead of your competitors your Domain Authority needs improving”

“Full service redesign for only £99”

Need I go on?

Don’t worry though as even I get those annoying emails. Yes, my website needs improving etc etc. I wish I had the time to call them and find out how…

Unfortunately everyone thinks getting a website is easy, after all you can build one yourself according to the big corporates advertising on TV. To be fair it is simple enough but you then have to think about all the other things like:

Page content



Meta description


H tags


Ghost links


Blah blah blah. At this point you realise you should stop dabbling and leave it to a website expert – Me haha

So whats my point?

Other than don’t believe everything you read, I guess I’m saying be realistic.

Like most things in life you get what you put into it. If you sit there and wait for business to land on your lap it isn’t going to happen. If you expect people to find you on social media by never posting then they won’t. If you become active and build up a customer base it will happen. If you post regularly on your social media and website it will happen.

If you don’t have the budget don’t expect things to happen. If you have the budget to get someone to do these jobs for you then expect things to happen.

These emails about website or search engine improvements are sent out to the masses to prey on the odd person contacting them to win business. It won’t be worthwhile and pretty much guarantee you will waste your money. However what it does do is remind people they need to stay active on their websites and social media to succeed.

Search engine improvements – What do I mean by being realistic?

Well, just having a website doesn’t guarantee the “Millionaire Dream”. However it does give you the opportunity to be found by people and worst case is your brochure to the world.

Working hard on your website and investing in it can prove valuable and you can reap the rewards. If you don’t have the time to “Improve your Domain Authority”, “remove ghost links”, “understand the correct keyword density on your page” then get me to to it.

All of this can be included in monthly plans to improve your website or just run general updates. So if you don’t have the time or inclination to pretend to be a website SEO expert let me know so we can discuss your options.

Oh and if I don’t think it’s worth you doing anything I’ll tell you. I don’t see the point in you paying for something that isn’t going to benefit you.