Affordable Ecommerce Websites for Small Businesses

I’ve worked with a lot of small businesses to launch their ecommerce businesses. Over the years the main stumbling block has always been budget. On the face of it that clients don’t realise the amount of work needed to create an effective ecommerce website.

Being able to sell products online is straight forward but isn’t just as easy as everyone thinks. Don’t get me wrong, once you realise it’s no different to adding a product to online marketplaces clients are fine.

Ecommerce website builder

These days you can search for ecommerce website builder and find opportunites to build your own websites. When i receive ecommerce enquiries I’d say 95% of them are considering building their own website using an ecommerce website builder.

My ecommerce website design start at £700 and move upwards to thousands and thousands depending on the expectations of design and product uploads.

However this is often out of budget for small businesses so I’ve created a unique service to help those that need a helping hand.

£200 set up and then annual hosting

For those 95% of you who are considering setting up your new online sales website yourself let Boost It Media do it. We can set up your website and hosting correctly and ensure you get an SSL to secure your website.

What do we provide?

  • An ecommerce website to add your products to and sell online with standard functionality
  • Shipping functionality set up on Flat rate shipping
  • Connection to Paypal or Stripe to take payment
  • Links to social media pages
  • An hours training to guide you through adding and editing products and also viewing orders

What don’t we provide unless you agree to pay more?

  • Hours and hours of training and marketing advice
  • Bespoke design
  • Bespoke build

Basically we provide an amazing solution to get your small business selling online. You then have the opportunity to develop the site yourself to your hearts content.

So you get the best of both worlds, a website that is totally set up where you don’t have to worry about SSL’s, Nameservers, responsiveness and compatibility issues etc etc

An example of the framework can be seen at and

If you are interested in getting an ecommerce website then contact us