How To Remove Unofficial Facebook Pages

How annoying is it when you go onto Facebook and find more Facebook pages have appeared for your business? The trouble is it’s quite a common fact and they generally contain incorrect information and doesn’t portray the correct image.

Having sat with a client today I thought I’d blog about “How to remove unofficial Facebook pages”. There are a few options to either, Claim, merge or remove the page. This guide will run through how to remove unofficial Facebook pages.

Follow the steps below to remove an unofficial Facebook page

1) Claim The Page – Below the main cover photo on the right hand side of the page you will see the words “Is this your business?” as shown on the screenshot below – click this and follow the simple steps:

2) Once you’ve Confirmed the listing go to your Official Business Facebook page and find the “Suggest Edits” blue button. Scroll to the bottom where you will see: + Add Duplicate URL.
Here you need to add the URL of the incorrect Facebook page that you have just claimed. So copy its URL (CTRL + C) and then paste (CTRL + V) it in the URL box.

Click the blue “Save” button (see image above).

Hopefully it’s as simple as that and my how to remove unofficial Facebook pages will have worked. Check back in 4 or 5 days to see if it’s been removed. If not try again to remove that unwanted Facebook page.

Alternatively if you are creating a new page you can select to merge this page with another.

Hope you found this blog useful, if you struggle with this feel free to contact me, oh and a Facebook Like won’t go a miss, you never know when I might have something useful to share.