Web Design Somerset

“Web design Somerset studio Boost It Media offers affordable eye catching designs for clients throughout Somerset that want a website to deliver”. Well that’s what a client sent me today and asked me to shout about it, so here it is.

Having just received an inbound enquiry for Google Adowrds I received an email with this testimonial from a client. It’s always nice to hear when you put so much effort into making your clients websites work. The most ironic thing was the Google Adwords enquiry had the name Somerset in the business title! When I start work with them I’ll let you know who that was.

I called my client to thank her for her kind words. I did have to ask why she sent it to me. She laughed and said after some blog and website coaching I had given her she realised it may be useful for me to receive a testimonial like this. She then went on to explain she continually gets compliments on how eye catching her site is. In addition to that she has won business throughout Somerset.

New websites in Somerset

We win new websites in Somerset¬†throughout Taunton, Wellington, Bridgwater as well as further afield in the UK. However we’d love to work with more local clients in Somerset so if you’re looking for a new website or a redesign of an old website get in touch.

So I thought of a simple marketing idea to try and increase local business. The trouble is if I blog about it then other web designers in Somerset will probably just copy my idea. So I’ll have to stop there and not say another word. Well I will tell you if you’re a client of mine as this is such a simple idea but will work really well for all types of businesses.

I see there are many ways of making this idea work with social media, leaflet drops or simply picking up the phone. I’m going to start with a few phone calls tomorrow to see how my idea goes down. Fingers crossed it will lead to more clients throughout Somerset benefitting from my web design and marketing services.