What is the importance of a mobile friendly website – also known as a responsive website.

Is your website more than 2 years old? If so it might not be winning as much business as it could as it may not be a mobile friendly website. It also might be performing slower on mobile devices.

Why does a website need to be mobile friendly?

At the latter part of 2016 analytics firm StatCounter reported that mobile devices and tablets were more popular for web browsing than desktop computers.

Websites that can be viewed well on desktops, mobiles and tablets are preferred by search engines. If you don’t have a website that is optimised for mobile use then you run the risk of being ranked lower and might not be found by as many customers and miss out on new business.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Always keep in mind having a website that you can see on a mobile doesn’t mean it is optimised for mobile use. It needs to be responsive so it is suitable for mobile and tablet use.

What do I need to do to get a mobile friendly website?

You can create a mobile version of your existing site. However most of the time its more cost effective to refresh your website and build a new one. The technology behind websites moves on quickly so a new site would mean up to date versions that search engines like more.

All new websites we build are mobile friendly and work well with our website marketing services. We work with both local and national clients so read about using a website design Wellington Taunton and Somerset as well as further afield.

If it’s built properly a new website doesn’t have to cost the earth . And it is far more flexible and future proof than lots of older coded websites.

Does a responsive website display the same information as my normal website?

Responsive mobile friendly websites can display the same information. However, you need to consider the information people want to see on a smaller screen. There may be too much clutter on your main site to display on a mobile.

We always recommend to get to the point and get your business message across quickly to a potential customer. This may mean changing the order of information you display on your mobile version.

If you are unsure how effective your responsive website is we can look at it with you. We can consider how it renders, the user ability and speed of the website.

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