Ok, so you need a new website or are looking to revamp an old web design. The question is should I stay local or look further afield for a web design business?

In our experience, most of the time it comes down to personal preference. Some people like having someone local they can call on and pop in to see them. Others are happy to do it all over email, skype or telephone.

What works best for us?

We work with clients from both scenarios and can honestly say they end up with the same result from our web design services. The internet allows us to deliver the same product whether the client is based locally to us in Wellington near Taunton or internationally in France, Dubai or as far afield as Australia.

Local Web design company based in Wellington near Taunton, Somerset

Let’s consider our local web design in Wellington near Taunton, Somerset client and run through what happens. Firstly, we can meet up and sit down with a cup of coffee and chat through what is required for your new website. We agree the brief and then design and build the website in line with that brief. The website goes live and then it can be marketed to benefit your business. In fact we don’t necessarily have to meet up even if you are local although it is great to put a name to a face.

Locally generally means within a 25 mile radius and we are happy to travel to Exeter or Bristol if required.

Web design in the UK and throughout the world

And now the client further afield. To be honest it’s exactly the same but without the physical meeting. Everything works as well by discussing over the phone, skype or email.

Over the years we have built and managed hundreds of websites from all over the world so we don’t mind where you live. We can provide the same high level of customer service wherever you are.

The crucial thing is the communication we have with our clients. Whether you are local business or based further afield feel free to contact us.