Boost It Media offers website hosting wordpress services and email solutions for businesses in Somerset, the UK and throughout the world.

Why do you want us to host our website and email with you?

A question I get asked regularly is why do hosting charges differ so much between website companies. The answer depends what’s included in each service offered.Website Hosting and email

Last week a client said they used the hosting company that had the cheapest domain name for sale. After purchasing it they didn’t realise you then had to buy email addresses and then additional space for them as well as website hosting. Once all purchased it cost a significant amount more than our equivalent service.

The other consideration is the support levels you get. A different client used to have to pay £40 every time a support issue was raised.

The great thing with us is there are no hidden costs. We charge a flat fee and that fee depends on the level you want.

Oh and you also get to speak to a human being to discuss any website hosting questions you may have. We use Tier 1 hosting to ensure the best service for your website and email.

Example of Monthly Website Hosting WordPress

£10 per month (website hosting WordPress service for websites and email addresses). Entry level that connects your website to the internet and hosts your email.

£20 per month (hosting service for websites and email addresses includes WordPress software and plugin updates). Our most popular hosting product ensures your site stays up to date and is backed up so if you ever accidentally delete your site we can recover it.

POA Hosting – You may need larger hosted options for increased traffic levels so we can consider all options for you.

Email accounts – If you require larger sized email accounts then we offer Exchange mailboxes at £10 per month.

Hosting and SEO

Outside of Standard hosting plans we also combine SEO services with hosting. This provides great value for money hosting services.

Monthly hosting and SEO plans

£35 per month (as £20 option and includes 1/2 hour SEO)

£100 per month (includes 2.5 hours SEO)

£200 per month (includes 5 hours SEO)

£300 per month (includes 10 hours SEO)

Hourly rate for changes £35

The other great thing about us managing your hosting account is if there is a problem with the hosting or email services we can investigate and fix rather than you having to spend time doing it.

We can also create different records like “A” records, “MX” records, nameserver changes etc etc.

If you use Outlook 365 or other 3rd party email software we can divert email records accordingly.

Get in touch to see how we can help with either just hosting or growing your website presence online. Check out our website hosting and email options here.

Note – All prices are correct as at October 2017 but may change so please confirm at time of interest.