Web Design and Basics To Build a Website

When starting to think about building a new website the list to do it properly may feel endless. I always like to keep things simple and then develop things as your business develops online. Below is a list of the basics that you need to think about to get started with a new website. Feel free to Contact Us to see how we can make the process of a new website easy for you.web-design-basics-new-website

Domain Name

This is your digital address that people will use to connect to your website. You need a domain name to set up an email address.


Anyone serious about a business will have a business email address. Those with gmail or aol accounts don’t look professional and clients question how trustworthy and reliable a business is. You may argue the fact and say an email address is an email address but that’s not the case. Most website visitors will be seeing your business for the first time so don’t risk it.


A host is a storage facility where your website files live online. When your domain is searched for on a web browser the browser will fetch your files from your host.

Web Design

Keep it simple. Your website needs to evolve over time to see what works best. Don’t overcomplicate it from the start.


A logo is a great way to help create a brand for your business and website. You can create your own simply choosing a nice font or you can get an icon based logo. Don’t get too hung up on it though as sometimes simple logos are the best e.g. Coca Cola


Having good quality images are essential to a professional looking website. And it’s essential you don’t break copyright laws for images. Don’t just copy and paste them from the internet as you could get fined if you use other peoples images. Also don’t use poor quality images, fuzzy looking images look poor and represent your business badly.


Having well written content is so important for being found for searches online. As with images don’t copy other websites content as search engines like unique content. Always use keywords that represent your business. For me I ensure I include words like web design, website marketing, web hosting, domain names etc


There are a lot of things to think about when starting a new website. We will make the process simple for you and ensure you get great value for money. Contact us to start today.