transfer .com domain nameHOW TO TRANSFER .COM DOMAIN NAME

It should be easy to transfer .com domain name but recent experiences make me believe otherwise. It was the start of 2018 and on the 1st of the month I had an enquiry from a prospective client. I spoke to them and after running through how I can benefit their business. A new website design was agreed to get going straight away.

As a web design business I like to manage the domain name, provide the hosting and email as well as designing and building the website. I want to look after all of these elements. That way I don’t ever get a 3rd party company blaming someone else if there is a problem with a domain or hosting etc.

This new client was no different than any other, to start with we needed to transfer .com domain name from their existing provider. The company releasing and receiving the domain were part of the same group of companies so I was hoping for a swift transfer. A relative in the family looked after the domain so it should’ve been a straightforward transfer. I contacted her after Initiating the .com domain transfer from my provider.

What happened next?

After a few days I contacted asking if she had received an email to release the domain name. Nothing. Nothing in spam or her inbox so I contacted my host asking them if they can look into the matter. They said they restarted the transfer and immediately the mail was available to finally get the transfer underway. Or so I thought!!

After 3 days nothing. I know they say it can take up to 5 days but all previous transfers have been made immediately. I was getting a bit nervous as this was a new client. The start of what should be a simple process was seeming endless and impossible to complete. So I contacted my host again and they said it appeared everything looked ok with the transfer.

Another 3 days passed and I was getting really frustrated so I asked the relative to contact their provider and ask them if they can help.  A quick reply from them to say there appeared to be an error so they started the transfer again. 30 minutes later the domain was transferred.

Transfer .com Domain Name Summary

So when you get told it takes up to 10 days to transfer I’m starting to think it’s the releasing business looking to be a pain to make the moving client unsure and worried about the transfer .com domain name.

Only after chasing did this .com transfer take place. In future I think I will consider changing the domain admin email address to an email I can see. That way I can tell easily if the initial mail has been received. Also consider setting up an account with the transferring domain company and transfer internally rather than to a different company. Then I’m in control of it to ensure it can happen quicker.

I am tempted to raise support tickets immediately on both the releasing and the gaining host to ensure a prompt transfer.

Thankfully the client was understanding and trusted what I was telling them. If they had a wobble it would have been easy to say they were nervous and they didn’t want to carry on with my services.

Now the domain name has happened (all beit about 14 days after first trying to do so) I can crack on and build another great website. If you want me to help with your domain transfer or advice on a new website please Contact me.