There are three main search engines that you should set your business up on being Google, Bing & Yahoo. They all have Local listings which help displaying your business on search engine pages and map listings.

These services are Free on Google+ Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. First of all if you can’t see your business listing create a new one. These Local Places listings can display your business when people do local searches, for example “internet marketing wellington”. They work particularly well for tradesmen, places to stay, restaurants, shops, pubs and any business that wants a local presence.

Claiming a local listing is easy, just follow the steps and links below.

Claiming a Google+ Local Listing

Go to:

Called Google+ Local but still managed via Google Places. To claim your listing go the link above and follow the steps. You will need to login or sign up for a Google account. You can either search for your business by postcode or location, or create a new entry. Once created they then send you a postcard verification code to enter on your listing. Google is really important to get listed on due to the amount of website traffic that goes through this platform.

Claiming a Bing Local Listing

Go to

Once again, like Google, you need to search for your business and then claim it using their verification process or create a new listing.

Claiming a Yahoo Local Listing

Yahoo listings are managed by Infoserve in the UK. To claim or submit a local business listing, simply fill out the web form at

They will then contact you to verify your information.

Help With Search Engine Local Business Listings

In conclusion if you need any help in claiming, optimising or promoting your local business listings on Google, Yahoo or Bing, please contact us via our contact form. We can help with your online marketing in Somerset or further afield in the UK.